Clean, Safe, Low Cost Energy

News: Cella Energy has a new UK office address and telephone number

Cella Energy is an advanced materials and technologies company with first-mover advantage in safe, low-cost hydrogen storage technology. Cella’s long term goal is to produce a new source of low-emission transport fuel whose ease of use and cost is competitive with fossil fuels.

In the near term, Cella’s technology will add hydrogen to diesel engines to enable them to meet strict emissions standards, and provide power packs for small unmanned aircraft with three times the energy for a given weight compared to batteries. In the mid-term Cella is targeting applications such as forklifts and hybrid battery / fuel cell buses.

Hydrogen is the future of clean power and transport. Fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity and pure water, allowing cars and trucks to run with improved range but no harmful emissions. Hydrogen also stores surplus renewable energy so it is not wasted. Transport today represents a quarter of CO2 emissions and air pollution from diesel vehicles is a serious health risk, so the potential benefits of hydrogen are huge.

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