Cella and IAI to Study Solid-Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV

Logo-IAIBattery life is a major limitation on the operation of small electric-powered unmanned aircraft. Several manufacturers have shown hydrogen fuel cells can significantly extend endurance, but the idea has not caught on because of weight, safety and logistics drawbacks. Cella Energy is to study the feasibility of applying its solid-hydrogen fuel system to a fuel-cell power unit for Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) BirdEye mini-UAV.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Cella Energy are collaborating to develop a fuel cell system to be integrated on board IAI’s Bird Eye 650, a small unmanned aircraft system (SUAS). The funding for the research project has been provided by Space Florida – the state’s aerospace and spaceport development authority – and Israel’s Industrial Center for Research and Development, MATIMOP.

Cella Energy has developed a solid hydrogen fuel system that utilises the company’s proprietary hydrogen storage material, the primary benefit of which is its ability to be shaped into any form. Read full article here.

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