Cella and Safran enter exclusive partnership to develop hydrogen storage systems for aerospace

22 September 2014


Cella is pleased to announce that it has entered a partnership with Safran, a France-based leading international high-technology group with three core businesses: Aerospace (propulsion and equipment), Defence and Security. The deal gives Safran exclusive access to Cella Energy’s hydrogen storage technology in the area of aerospace (except for unmanned aircraft systems). Safran will provide funding to a joint development project with Cella which will produce a prototype power system designed to be used on aircraft.

Boeing 777 being serviced at gate

Airliner at gate

By combining Cella’s expertise in hydrogen storage materials and Safran’s expertise in aerospace engineering, the companies will accelerate the development of the equipment that can exploit this unique material for applications on-board aircraft.

The use of a fuel cell and hydrogen will make a device that packs much more energy than a battery for the same weight. The method more commonly used to store hydrogen is to compress it to very high pressures. The system that Cella and Safran will develop over the next year will match the performance of the latest carbon-fibre hydrogen storage tanks, but with safer, low-pressure hydrogen fuel, in order to facilitate the introduction of hydrogen systems for on-board aerospace applications.

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