High Power Applications

Materials Handling

The use of electric power over diesel is driven in most cases by emissions, particularly in food and beverage production where forklift trucks are required in enclosed areas where sensitive processes are under way. With the offering of free emissions, Cella’s power systems can be used to power materials handling equipment such as forklifts without the concern of pollution.






Auto 1

Electric vehicles have a short range and Cella’s Range Extenders can add more miles to the vehicle.

Range Extender

  • Extended range for electric vehicles
  • Easily swappable cartridge
  • No emissions at point of use

Diesel Emissions Abatement

  • Co-combustion of hydrogen with diesel dramatically reduces ultra-fine particulate emissions to improve local air quality.



The increasing electrification of aircraft opens up the opportunity to use a alternative energy sources such as hydrogen to address emissions controls.

Large electrical power units are on the ground, and sometimes for hotel functions during flight. In new aircraft, hydraulics and pneumatics are being replaced by electrical systems. Cella’s Large scale power systems are able to provide emission free power for aircraft and help reduce¬†aircraft carbon footprint.