Low Power Applications

Specific Energy Density.

Specific Energy Density.

Battery Replacement

Cella’s material, used in conjunction with a fuel cell, can provide a solution that performs significantly better than battery technologies such as lithium-ion. Cella’s material can be incorporated into a robust cartridge of any shape that can be replaced in seconds even while the equipment continues to run (“hot swapping”).

1) The cartridges can supply up to three times the energy for a given weight compared to lithium-ion batteries

2) There is very little internal pressure so that the cartridge can be made almost any shape

3) The material is stable making a cartridge with a shelf life of many years.

For many applications the ability to recharge a battery cheaply is attractive, however Cella’s hydrogen fuel cell solution is compelling for sub-sections of the battery market where there is a need for greater performance or where the use is off-grid.




Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Due to the increased reliance of armed forces on UAVs to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions and the emergence of civilian applications such as land surveying and security, Cella is able to provide an energy source with greater range than lithium-ion batteries.

Below a certain size, UAVs are electrically driven and typically use lithium-ion batteries as a power source. Because of the increasing sophistication of the electronics packages these systems carry, they are very energy-hungry which strongly limits their flight time and range.

For military applications, Cella’s solution is particularly compelling as the use is often off grid and there is the ability to switch a used cartridge for a new one in seconds even when wearing gloves at night.

Cella’s power systems could be used in UAVs for the following industries :-

  •  Agricultural monitoring
  •  Security operations
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Coast guard duties
  • Fisheries enforcement
  • Environmental audits / research
  • Infrastructural surveys (oil rigs, pipelines, electrical transmission etc.); and…
  • Aerial filming
  • Deliveries


Soldier Portable Power.

Soldier Portable Power.

Soldier Portable Power

Less weight, more power.

Cella has the ability to reduce the weight of batteries carried by soldiers by a factor of three. The modern soldier has to carry a large number of batteries to feed power-hungry devices on which they are increasingly dependent. For some, this means that they are already carrying up to 20kg of batteries. Other applications include portable military devices.

In addition, contrary to rechargeable lithium-ion batteries currently used, cartridges can be discarded without fear of reuse by enemy combatants.





Commercial Portable Power

A wide range of Civil portable systems seek a longer duration power supply compared to batteries.  The low power systems can be applied to a wide range of devices and equipment including:

  • Electric bicycles and scooters
  • Government

-Disaster response

-First responder and emergency services

-Security and surveillance

  • Resilience and emergency power
  • Broadcast cameras
  • Power tools
  • Small scale marine power
  • Recreational use (camping, RV’s)
  • Medical