The Best Predator Generator Brand of 2023

The Best Predator Generator Brand of 2023? 

Since they came around in 1988, Predator has grown to build a reputation for offering generators of superior quality at affordable prices. They’ve become a reliable option for those that don’t have the budget to buy from a major generator brand. 

Due to the quality they’ve offered for almost 3 decades, you can always depend on them when you need alternate power during power outages. 

Along with quality, Predator generators offer several other features you would expect from top brands, such as dependability and durability. 

This is why this generator brand manages to satisfy a wide range of residential and commercial requirements. As a result, it is easy to find the best predator generator that will suit your needs. 

However, despite how true this statement is, it remains a fact that choosing a generator is easier said than done. With this in mind, we’ve put together this well-researched review and buying guide of the best predator generators. 

Below is a table of the best predator generators of 2023:

S/NOur wordsProduct Link
1. Our Overall best Predator generatorPredator generator 63968
2. A Powerful Predator GeneratorPredator generator 8750
3.Best Predator Inverter GeneratorPredator generator 3500
4.Best for Home UsePredator generator 6500
5.Best Multipurpose GeneratorPredator generator 4000

Things To Look Out For When You Are Buying Your Predator Generator 

Just like with other brands, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind when you are considering the idea of buying a Predator generator. 

In this section, I will talk about these important factors. Regardless of the brand, you want to go for; these factors should be some of the things that influence your decision-making process.


You first need to consider the amount of power you will need your predator generator to provide. Consider the type of appliances or equipment you need to power. 

All this will help you buy the Predator generator that’s most suitable for you. After all, the power you will need for home use will differ from that for outdoor activities like job site operations. 

Fortunately, Predator caters to a wide range of power needs, so you will definitely find one that’s suitable for you.  

Generator type: Inverter or Conventional 

Inverter: Inverter generators work by producing an alternating current – it changes to a direct current before converting it into an alternating current. After converting the current into alternating currents, it produces sine waves. 

Since sine waves are clean energy, it makes inverter generators safe for powering sensitive appliances like mobile phones and laptops. They are also good for powering small RVs or running other necessary appliances in the home. 

The best Harbour Freight inverter models include 2000-watt and 3500-watt Predator generators. 

Conventional – Though conventional generators produce more power than inverter generators, they are noisier, and their output tends to fluctuate. Hence, they usually aren’t safe for powering delicate equipment. 

If the power you need is below 3500 watts, a Predator inverter generator will be best for you. However, if you need more power, buy a conventional Predator generator. 

Noise level 

The noise level of a generator is an essential criterion to consider when making a purchase. Because no one loves the sound of a noisy generator. If you will be running your generator at a campsite or in an RV, you should seriously consider its noise level. 

Just so you know, inverter generators are usually quieter than conventional generators.


Every generator’s engine is built to run differently. Some are more fuel-efficient than others, which results in a longer-lasting runtime. 

Hence, if you need your generator to be capable of running for long durations, you should take note of its runtime. Most times, the generator’s fuel tank size and the amount of load the generator power usually determine its runtime. 

Size and Weight 

Size and weight are two essential factors you also need to consider. If you are moving around with your generator a lot, you should get a light and portable generator to be transported around. 

Safety Features 

Before buying any generator, you should ensure that they are safe to use. Fortunately, all Predator generators usually conform to safety standards. 

Some of the safety features they offer include

● Low oil shutdown that protects the engine from overheating 

● GFCI outlet to protect users from electric shocks and fluctuating currents Price 

One of the most important things you need to consider is how much you are willing to spend to get the generator of your choice. Consider your budget and go for the generator that falls under your budget.

Specs And Comparisons 

S/NGenerator Wattage Noise LevelWeight/RuntimeDimension
1Predator generator 63968
Starting 9000W Running 7250W76 dB196 lbs.

13 hours at 50% load.
26.9 x 22 x 22.75 inches
2.Predator generator 8750Starting 8750W Running 7000W76 dB
183 lbs.

26.9 x 22 x 22.8 inches
3. Predator generator 3500Starting 3500W Running 3000W 56 dB 
99.2 Ibs 

11 hours at 25% load.
22.75 x 17.3 x 20 inches.
4. Predator generator 6500 Starting 5500W Running 6500W 74 dB
165 lbs.

14.5 hours at 50% load.
26.9 x 22 x 22.8 inches
5.Predator generator 4000Starting 4000W 
Running 3200W
72 dB

99 lbs.
10 hours at 50% load.
23.3 x 18.7 x 19.3 inches



Noise Level



Predator Generator 63968

Starting 9000W 

Running  7250W

76 dB

13 hours at 50% load.

26.9 x 22 x 22.75 inches

Starting 8750W 

Running 7000W

76 dB

26.9 x 22 x 22.8 inches

Starting  3500W

Running  3000W

56 dB

11 hours at 25% load.

22.75 x 17.3 x 20 inches.

Starting  5500W

Running  6500W

74 dB

14.5 hours at 50% load.

26.9 x 22 x 22.8 inches

Predator Generator 4000

Starting 4000W 

Running 3200W

72 dB

10 hours at 50% load.

23.3 x 18.7 x 19.3 inches

Review Of The Best Predator Generator Brand of 2023 

Predator generator 63968 

The Predator 63968 is a strong generator that can power most of your appliances. As it comes first in our pick, you get good value for your money.


The Predator generator 63968 measures 26.9 x 22 x 22.75 inches and weighs 196 pounds. It is much more portable compared to other power generators in its range.

 Though the Predator generator 63968 is still quite heavy, you can easily move it around thanks to its wheels, and the two-hand push/pull handle it comes with. 

The good thing about its weight is that you can rest assured that you are getting a sturdy generator.

Its metal covering is solid enough to withstand external weather conditions like sunlight, humidity, and rainfall. 

This doesn’t mean you should constantly leave the generator exposed, though. Hence, ensure to provide a good shelter for the generator. 

As for the internals, the Predator generator 63968 comes fitted with a 420cc 13HP Predator engine. 

You can get this engine to start running with just the push of a start button, but if this option doesn’t work, you can still use the standard recoil start option. 

With its capability to produce 9000 peak watts and a 7250 running power output, there is no doubt that the Predator generator 63968’s engine is very powerful. 

Unfortunately, the impressive amount of power the Predator generator 63968 produces comes at a price. By major standards, the Predator generator 63968 is quite noisy. 

It has a noise rating of 76 dB. 

On a positive note, the Predator generator 63968’s fuel tank has a volume of 6 gallons. The Predator generator 63968 can run for 13 hours with a full fuel tank. 

Also, this generator is almost completely safe for powering your sensitive appliances. This is mostly thanks to its GFCI outlets and its UL-listed circuit breakers. 

In other words, the safety features you get with this generator include low oil shutdown, overload protection, and low oil indicator LED. 

Unfortunately, you don’t get an overload indicator on the control panel. 

In fact, the control panel doesn’t have a lot of features like a data center, voltmeter, or fuel gauge. Also, Predator didn’t include an advanced control panel in this generator. 


  1. Offers high power output. 
  2. Features an electric and recoil start.
  3. A reasonable runtime of up to 13 hours.
  4. Equipped with impressive safety features.
  5. CARB certified


  1. Noisy operation.
  2. Not RV ready.
  3. It’s quite heavy.
  4. Wheel kit and battery sold separately

Predator generator 8750 

The Predator generator 8750 is another incredibly powerful predator generator. With its immense power, you can conveniently use this generator to handle tasks that demand a lot of power. 

That said, you can also use this generator in your home as a backup power source in the event of a power outage. 


The Predator generator 8750 comes with an air-cooled OHV gas engine with a 420cc capacity and produces 13 HP. This engine can produce 8750W of starting watts and 7000W of running watts. 

Considering the amount of power this generator produces, its runtime is quite impressive. 

This generator can last you for as long as 12 hours at half load. 

However, you should note that the generator will consume more fuel and run down faster if you make it power high loads. 

To a large extent, this generator’s impressive runtime can be attributed to its large 6.6-gallon fuel tank and the engine’s fuel efficiency. 

Sadly, an engine of this efficiency level is usually very loud, and the one in the Predator generator 8750 is no exception. 

At 50% load, the Predator generator 8750 makes about 76 dB noise. 

This noise level won’t pose a problem in other outdoor industrial environments, such as construction sites. 

However, it is a bit loud for those that intend to use it as a backup power source in their homes. With this level of noise, you will certainly be disturbing your neighbors. 

It is also a bit too loud for camping or RV use. Besides, the Predator generator 8750 is quite heavy for you to move around for use in camps or RVs. 

Noise and portability aside, the Predator generator 8750 is a keeper. It is easy to start this generator thanks to its electric start option. 

There’s also a recoil start option for situations where it is impossible to use the electric start option for whatever reason that may arise. 

For engine protection, the Predator generator 8750 has a low oil indicator and a low oil shutdown.

It also has a steel roll cage that protects its internals. This steel cage makes the Predator generator 8750’s body feel very solid and durable. 

Speaking of the body, the Predator generator 8750 features some outlets on its control panel. These outlets include two 120V, 20A duplex outlets, a 120V, 20A twist-lock outlet, and a 12V DC outlet. 

The breakers all have UL listings to guarantee safe usage. 

All these features and power make the Predator generator 8750 a versatile generator that can be used for different purposes. 


  1. Offers high running watts
  2. It is capable of running for a long duration
  3. The Predator generator 8750 has a solid and durable build
  4. Low oil indicator / low oil shutdown safety features
  5. CARB complaint


  1. The Predator generator 8750 is heavy
  2. It is also noisy
  3. Wheel kit and battery are sold separately 

Predator generator 3500 

The Predator 3500 is Harbour Freight’s best-selling inverter Predator generator. 

Compared to the other Predator generators we’ve discussed, the generator is very compact and lightweight.


It measures 22.75 x 17.3 x 20 inches and weighs just 99 pounds. 

Since this generator is an inverter generator, it doesn’t make much noise and is suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices. 

However, it trades an immense amount of power to for it to offer this. 

The Predator generator 3500 has a 212cc OHV engine that produces a decent output power of 3500 peak watts and 3000 running watts. 

If this wattage isn’t enough for you, you can always attach a second inverter generator since the Predator 3500 is parallel-ready. 

Aside from that, the Predator generator 3500 offers other good features like the Eco-Throttle that helps to save your fuel. As a result, it also extends the engine’s runtime while offering a quiet operation.

To give more detail, the Predator generator 3500’s 2.5-gallon tank is enough to keep it running for 11 hours. You will barely be disturbed by its 56 dB noise level during the runtime period. 

Starting this generator is easy thanks to its electric start feature. In case you are wondering, the generator also comes with the regular recoil start feature. 

On the generator’s body, there are a bunch of outlets. These outlets include a 12V D outlet for charging batteries, two 120-volt grounded outlets, and a 120-volt twist-lock outlet. 

Meanwhile, you will see a digital LCD screen on its control panel. This LCD screen has output light indicators and it can display notifications of any overload or low oil warnings at appropriate times. 

Unfortunately, there is no fuel gauge on the control panel. Nonetheless, the Predator generator 3500 offers good value for money. 

It produces clean power that’s safe to power sensitive electronic devices and has a quiet operation.


  1. It has a quiet operation
  2. Portable enough for easy transportation
  3. It offers a good runtime
  4. A digital LCD screen to monitor operation 
  5. Electric start
  6. CARB certified
  7. Parallel connection capability
  8. RV ready


  1. It doesn’t have a fuel gauge 
  2. Average running watts
  3. No remote start

Predator generator 6500 

Though the Predator generator 6500 is primarily designed for home use, it is also useful for many other use cases. 

Its 5500 running watts and 6500 starting watts will be sufficient for many other situations as much as they will be for most home power needs. 


It is without a doubt that the Predator generator 6500’s engine is incredibly efficient. 

More specifically, the Predator generator 6500 is powered by a 301 CC air-cooled OHV gas engine that delivers 8 horsepower.

Aside from its engine, another feature that makes the Predator generator 6500 a value-packed generator that’s efficient for home use is its large fuel tank. 

This generator has an 8-gallon fuel tank that enables it to run for 14.5 hours while powering a half load.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the air filter that helps to improve the generator’s performance. 

In addition, the Predator generator also has a LED indicator that will help you keep tabs on the generator’s oil level. 

One thing that’s unfortunately not present is a low fuel level indicator. This would have helped keep users informed about the generator’s gas level. 

If you are concerned about the rigidity of this generator, don’t worry, this generator is very tough. The Predator generator 6500 is protected with a heavy-duty steel frame that’s resistant to rough conditions. 

What you should be concerned about is the generator’s noise level. Though the generator has a protective covering, it has an open frame build, which lets out a lot of noise. 

This is especially true considering the amount of power this generator produces. The Predator generator 6500 has a noise rating of 74 dB. 

As for the outlets, this generator has four 120V duplex outlets, one 12V DV outlet, and one 240V twist-lock outlet. These outlets make it easy for you to make connections to the generator. 

It’s just quite sad that the Predator generator 6500 doesn’t have an electric start, but you do get an efficient recoil starter. Nonetheless, the Predator generator 6500 is a standard machine. 


  1. Produces decent power output 
  2. Offers a decent runtime
  3. This generator is very sturdy thanks to its durable build
  4. It offers multiple outlets 


  1. It doesn’t have an electric start option 
  2. The noise level is high
  3. It is also heavy 

Predator Generator 4000 

As you may already know, Predator has always produced a wide range of gensets that cater to different market needs and budgets. 

This Predator 4000 generator perfectly falls between Predator’s wide range of gen sets.


If you are looking for a generator that can give you the best value for your money without being too large or heavy, the Predator generator 4000 is a good option. 

Besides, 4000-watt generators are one of the most popular choices on the market. It is usually enough to handle most regular operations. 

In the case of the Predator generator 4000, it has a starting power of 4000W and a running power of 3200W. It runs on a 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine that generates 6.5 HP. 

This engine comes with a safety protection feature. It has a low-oil indicator and an automatic shutdown feature that prevents the engine from being damaged when the generator is short on oil. 

Another feature that adds to the Predator generator 4000 is the 1-inch steel roll cage that protects the generator’s exterior. This steel cage makes the generator tough and durable. 

However, the generator’s steel cage’s rigidity results in extra weight. In other words, it makes the Predator generator 4000 slightly heavier. 

At 99 pounds, the Predator generator 4000 could have been lighter if its steel cage weren’t heavier. 

Nonetheless, this generator is much lighter than most in its range. Moreover, the Predator generator 4000 is quite compact. It measures 23.3 x 18.7 x 19.3 inches. Hence, you will find transporting the generator easily from one place to another. 

Another thing that makes the Predator generator 4000 a good generator option is its impressive runtime. At half capacity, this generator can offer up to 10 hours of runtime. 

For a generator of its size and power, this runtime is good. 

Its noise level, on the other hand, isn’t so good. The Predator generator 4000 has a noise level of 72 dB, making it relatively loud for the power it generates. 

In terms of outlets, the Predator generator 4000 features two 120V, 20A duplex, one 12V DC, and a 240V, 30A twist-lock outlet. 

These features make the Predator generator 4000 extremely versatile since you can make many connections. 

This generator comes with only a recoil start option. You do not get an electric start option. 


  1. It has a good runtime
  2. The Predator generator 4000 has a durable and solid construction
  3. This generator features an excellent array of outlets
  4. It has a low oil indicator and a shutdown safety feature 


  1. It doesn’t have an electric start
  2. It is noisy 

How The Review Process Was Done 

Research is the key process we used to review the generators. It is always necessary to research since you will be investing a considerable amount of money and time into getting the best Predator generator for your needs. 

Basically, we did extensive research after discovering and analyzing what industry experts suggested. Based on the suggestions and our research, we proceeded to pick 5 Predator generator brands that seemed efficient, sturdy, and reliable. 

Since electrical needs may vary, we considered different brands of varying power output ranges. Aside from their power output capacity, we also considered the brands in terms of their types; inverter or conventional. 

Even though the generator’s wattage varies, we used a particular approach to assess its performance capabilities. One of the first things we considered was to access and record how efficiently the generators can serve as backup power, with and without transfer switches. 

We also checked how they would fare when they are made to power higher loads. To name a few, we checked how reliable the generators are for running power tools and equipment and other equipment used in large outdoor settings. 

Before we rounded up the review documentation process, we also recorded how much noise each generator produced at 25 feet. We checked their noise levels when they weren’t under any load and when they started to run under load. 

The other thing in our review process was to consider all the factors we listed earlier. We considered factors like power capacity, runtime, noise level, etc.